YOOV WORK (HR Management System)


雲端 HR 系統6大功能助您大幅簡化事務,提升業務效率。
The cloud-based HR system offers six major functions that significantly simplify operations and enhance business efficiency.
  • 流程審批允許自訂不同審批流程,一機在手,申請及審批過程彈指之間完成。
  • The workflow approval function allows customized approval processes to be set up, and with just one device, applications and approval processes can be completed in a snap

  • 考勤管理支援多種打卡方式如人面、Wi-Fi、GPS 等,一機在手即可打卡,連同實時詳盡考勤數據助輕鬆遙距掌握員工考勤。
  • The attendance management function supports multiple methods of clocking in, such as facial recognition, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Clocking in with just a mobile phone, and real-time detailed attendance data helps to easily manage employee attendance remotely.

  • 排班淩亂不再,從此利用手機以排班管理進行排更調更,自由輸入員工請假及工作地點等資訊助製作更清晰更表。
  • No more messy scheduling! With the roaster management function, roastering and shift changes can be done using a mobile phone, and inputting employee leave and work location information helps to create clearer schedules.

  • 於假期管理自設不同假期類別及派發規則,自動提醒清假,員工一 App 在手即可查閲假期資訊。
  • In the leave management function, different leave types and distribution rules can be set up, automatic reminders for clearing leaves are issued, and employees can easily check leave information using the app.

  • 薪酬管理自動計算薪金及強積金供款,亦可自設津貼及扣減規則,輸出電子糧單、強積金供款結算書等文件只需幾個按鈕即成。
  • The payroll management function automatically calculates salaries and MPF contributions, and also allows customized rules for allowances and deductions. Generating electronic pay slips and MPF contribution statements only requires a few clicks.

  • 員工管理人才庫功能讓招聘至入職程序邁向自動化及無紙化,所有員工資料均以「銀行級別」加密方式處理。
  • The employee management function’s talent pool feature automates and digitizes the recruitment and onboarding process, and all employee data is processed using “bank-level” encryption.

免費使用 YOOV WORK 3個月,為 HR 繁複事務締造更流暢體驗!

Enjoy three months of free use of YOOV WORK and create a smoother HR experience for complex tasks.

YOOV PLUS (No-code Development Platform)


無需具備編程知識及龐大成本聘請 IT 專才,輕鬆於 YOOV PLUS 平台以拖放模式即可自建業務專屬系統。
Without the need for programming knowledge or the significant cost of hiring IT talent, businesses can easily create their own business-specific systems on the YOOV PLUS platform using drag-and-drop mode.
  • 具備20多項欄位功能,只需簡單拖放即可創建系統,實踐工作流程自動化。
    With more than 20 field functions available, creating systems is as simple as dragging and dropping to achieve workflow automation.

  • 輕鬆自建不同業務系統如銷售及採購管理系統、項目管理系統、倉存管理系統等。
    Different business systems can be easily created, such as sales and procurement management systems, project management systems, and inventory management systems.

  • 透過電腦、平板或手機即可隨時隨地掌握實時業務數據,靈活圖像化數據功能亦助實時追蹤業務狀況及作出快速精準決策。
    Through computers, tablets, or mobile phones, real-time business data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The flexible and visualized data function also helps to track business status in real-time and make fast and accurate decisions.

  • 系統擁高度靈活性,可隨時作出修改,助業務快速適應市場變化。
    The system is highly flexible, allowing modifications to be made at any time to help businesses quickly adapt to market changes.

免費使用 YOOV PLUS 3個月,達致工作流程自動化及數碼化,減省工作時間及提升業務效率。

Enjoy three months of free use of YOOV PLUS to achieve workflow automation and digitization, save time, and improve business efficiency.


大新銀行 x YOOV 中小企數碼轉型方案
Dah Sing Bank x YOOV: Digitalization Solutions for SMEs


All-around Digital Transformation Solution
No-Code Development Platform and HRM System

    YOOV WORK人力資源管理系統 (HRM)YOOV PLUS 無程式碼系統開發平台 (No-code Platform)

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    Promotion Offer 1 : YOOV WORK

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    全方位數碼轉型方案 無程式碼系統開發平台


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    Promotion Offer 2: YOOV Plus

    No Code Development Platform

    Enjoy the first 3 months of free usage

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