Dynamic QR Code-Based Attendance System

Explore the capabilities of our innovative attendance system that enhances accuracy and integrity using dynamic QR codes for each staff member. This demo showcases how the system generates a unique, constantly refreshing QR code, alongside a QR code scanner for attendance tracking, all integrated with YOOV PLUS.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic QR Code Generation: Each staff member receives a personalized, constantly refreshing QR code via email, designed to prevent fraudulent attendance records.
  2. Form Submission for QR Code: Staff complete a simple form to receive their unique QR code.
  3. Real-Time QR Code Refresh: The QR codes refresh every 5 seconds, ensuring each scan at the attendance site is valid and current.
  4. On-Site QR Code Scanner: A dedicated scanner at the attendance location verifies staff presence.
  5. Integration with YOOV PLUS: All attendance data is sent to YOOV PLUS for validation and record-keeping.
  6. AI-Powered Analysis: The system can be enhanced with AI to determine the validity of attendance records.
  7. Exportable and Integratable Attendance Records: Attendance data can be exported or integrated with other systems for applications like payroll processing.


  • Increases the accuracy and integrity of attendance records.
  • Reduces the potential for fraudulent attendance practices.
  • Streamlines the process of attendance tracking and reporting.
  • Facilitates seamless integration with payroll and other HR systems.

Ideal for:
Organizations seeking a secure and efficient method for tracking staff attendance, especially in scenarios where traditional methods are prone to misuse.