Digital Business Card ApplicationĀ 

This demo introduces our advanced Digital Business Card Application, revolutionizing the way professionals share their contact information. Through a user-friendly public form, individuals can easily create their own digital business card.

Key Features:

  1. Public Submission Form: Accessible here, allows users to submit their contact details like phone, email, name, company name, title, or WhatsApp.
  2. Automated Email with Digital Card URL: Once the form is submitted, users receive an email containing a URL to their digital business card.
  3. QR Code Generation: A unique QR Code is generated for each digital card, which can be printed on physical business cards or saved on mobile devices.
  4. Interactive Digital Business Card: The card displays contact information with a branded layout and includes features like ‘Add to Contacts’ for easy saving to phone books.
  5. Call-to-Action Features: Includes functionality such as a button to send a message via WhatsApp directly from the digital card.


  • Modernizes the traditional business card, making it more functional and eco-friendly.
  • Facilitates seamless sharing and storing of contact information.
  • Enhances networking opportunities with interactive and easily accessible contact details.
  • Offers a personalized and branded experience for each user.

Ideal for:
Professionals, businesses, and anyone looking to enhance their networking capabilities with a digital and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional business cards.