Business AI and Automation

You can build your own AI business assistants to handle those mundane daily tasks. It comes with extensive capabilities, seamlessly integrates with diverse platforms and enterprise systems, and even supports popular communication tools like WhatsApp and MS Teams.

Task Automation with AI

Customer Service

Understand and answer questions about products, services, pricing, etc.


Process appointment-related information, including checking availability, confirming reservations, and sending reminders.

Survey and Reporting

Send out surveys, collect responses, and analyze them to help with business decisions.

Internal Training

Provide internal information, such as human resources policies, project progress, etc.

Marketing and Sales

Send personalized promotional messages and product updates to target customers.

Order Processing

Assist customers with placing orders, provide order status updates, and provide support if delivery issues are encountered.

Feedback Collection

Send feedback forms, collect responses, and analyze them to improve service quality.

Multiple Languages

Help users make inquiries and communicate in different languages.​

Support Integration

Can be connected to YOOV PLUS System, WhatsApp, MS Teams and Email, etc.

Set AI ​​Assistant Roles

24/7 Intelligent Customer Assistant

The AI ​​assistant is trained into a customer service chatbot (Chatbot), which automatically responds to customer inquiries 24/7, accurately provides service and product information, and greatly reduces customer service costs.

*Supports WhatsApp connection

*Support multiple languages

Professional Service Consultant

AI assistants can deeply learn professional knowledge, provide paid consulting services to corporate or individual customers, and maintain a high level of service quality.


耗時繁瑣的行政工作可以讓AI 助理自動完成,快速分析及整合資料內容,如讀取及輸入客戶卡片、整合文件檔案內容、分析報告等。


Revolutionize your HR operations with AI

The AI ​​assistant can be responsible for tasks ranging from resume screening, interview question suggestions, employee onboarding, holiday inquiries to employee rules, etc., reducing the burden on the human resources department.

Set Up AI Assistant in 3 Minutes

Imagine. Create. Achieve.

AI intelligent business assistant can be applied without boundaries! Applicable to all walks of life, freely create intelligent customer service and internal support to improve business efficiency!

Why YOOV ?

Multi-member login

Support multiple people to use the intelligent assistant at the same time to have conversations with customers anytime and anywhere.



User Permissions

Set the usage rights of different employees according to the needs of the merchant.



Reporting and Analysis

Provide performance reports to allow merchants to analyze overall data and understand performance.



Frequently Asked Questions


YOOV AI uses technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to analyze input text, try to understand your needs in a conversational manner, search for appropriate information and respond to your queries.

What formats does YOOV AI support?

We support multiple languages. Users only need to provide PDF, website, or system connection to build a comprehensive knowledge base.

Is the data in the YOOV cloud system safe?

To ensure the security of user data, data stored in YOOV is encrypted with AES-256, and information transmission between your device and YOOV's servers is processed with 256-bit TLS encryption technology. In addition, YOOV's servers are located in data centers certified by SOC 1, SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

How long does it take to complete a customized AI Chat?

After successfully opening a business account, the customized Chat AI time varies depending on functions and needs. We provide a simple way to upload URL or PDF, and the process can be completed in as little as 3 minutes.
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