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The recurring invoice challenges faced by Xero users can often be daunting. Many businesses find themselves lost in the tedious process of updating each invoice manually. Enter YOOV PLUS – a powerful no-code development platform designed to streamline this process and enhance Xero’s functionalities.

Simplify Your Recurring Invoice Updates

With YOOV PLUS, updating your recurring invoices is as simple as a few clicks. Say goodbye to the time-consuming chore of individually modifying each invoice. YOOV PLUS empowers you to effortlessly edit prices, email addresses, and other critical data. These changes are automatically synchronized with your recurring invoices. 

The Integration Process

At the heart of the solution lies ease-of-use. All users have to do is sign up for a PLUS account and submit your Xero integration request. Our expert team will then handle the technicalities, providing a seamless integration experience.

1. Bulk Update of Recurring Invoices

Dynamic Workflow Creation

With YOOV PLUS, users can construct a tailored workflow for automation using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. This means that businesses can efficiently update, create, or delete invoice records as required.

Flexible Triggering Mechanisms

The platform offers data and time-based triggering, ensuring that users can automate invoice updates in response to specific events or at predetermined times. Additionally, the platform supports webhook triggering, allowing for more complex and interconnected workflows.

Custom Rules & Conditions

YOOV PLUS allows users to set permissions for data editing. Users can define specific conditions or rules for updating invoices, ensuring precision and minimizing human errors.

Low-Code Customization

For scenarios where specific custom actions are required, users have the option to employ low-code functionalities. This permits the triggering of third-party systems within the workflow, offering vast integration capabilities.

2. Email Update in Repeating Invoices

Emphasizing the importance of current contact details in recurring invoices, LANCODE assures that email address changes are automatically and accurately reflected in all invoices, ensuring consistency and reliability

Benefits Of YOOV No-Code Solution:


User-Centric Design


  • A primary advantage is the user-friendly interface, highlighted by the drag-and-drop features.


Dedicated Assistance


  • Beyond just a platform, YOOV PLUS offers its expertise. The team is ready to assist users with any integration challenges or queries.


Scalability and Compatibility


  • The platform is built for growth. Its flexibility means that as your business’s invoicing needs evolve, LANCODE can adapt. Furthermore, given its custom nature, the platform is equipped to handle any unique integration scenario.

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